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Fine Arts Dance & Drama

The ministry of dance and drama is an extremely spiritual form of releasing the anointing of God unto his people.  We therefore seek people who are sensitive and are able to release their art form to move in the spirit of God.

And David danced before the Lord with all his might” 2nd Samuel 6:14

The Drama team brings the Word of God to life by stories and plays involving conflict or contrast of character, that people can relate to their own life situations.

Whether Worshiping the Lord in dance, or telling a biblical story through acting, the Fine Arts Ministry prides itself on the ability to reach souls visually.

We not only minister to those looking in, but we create an avenue of opportunity to go out of the church walls and spread the gospel through the arts.

If you feel you are an open vessel with the heart and gift to minister in the Arts, we welcome you to join the Dance or Drama ministry.

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