Mission Statement

Champions Ministries purpose is to instill in others the desire to live a transformational life using spiritual champion values.

We Accomplish this by Our Four “R”S

To Reach, Restore, Rebuild and Release

Our Values

1. A Champion Attitude
6. A Teachable Spirit
Never quitting, faithful to the race, taking ownership of what God has given us
Maintaining a humble spirit open to always learn from others. Putting to action what we have learned
2. Servant Leadership
7. Making disciples of Others
To serve not to be served by modeling Jesus’s servant leadership spirit.
Following the Jesus pattern to reach, teach and multiply
3. Warrior Spirit
8. To Live A Transformational Life
Prayer warrior, Perseverance. Endurance, Tenacious
Living out active faith
4. Excellence and Team Spirit.
9. Code of Honor
Working together as one with Jesus as our Lead.
To honor God and those we work with.
5. Spirit of Excellence
10. To Love All
Giving God the best of what we are showing gratefulness.
To affirm and impact others with the love of God, for God loved us before we loved Him